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At Huntley School, we offer your child a complete learning experience that identifies ability, nurtures individual achievement and is grounded in the traditional values of good manners, humility and respect for others. For a glimpse of what it's like to be a Huntley boy or girl, watch the video below. 

A world of opportunities.

What makes Huntley different

We provide a school culture in which kids can be kids. They are kept busy and active. A Huntley education is a complete, well rounded learning experience that is about more than just academics and sport. Huntley instils confidence and a readiness for whatever comes next. 

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From the Headmaster

"We believe that the years spent at Preparatory School are the most important ones in a student’s education and development. The skills that are learned, the habits that are formed, the values and standards that are absorbed, stay with students not only through their time at Huntley but in adult life as well. At Huntley we aim to instil a desire to strive for success, to face challenges head on, to expect high standards and to give their best in every endeavour."

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