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Thank you for your interest in a Huntley education. If you have any questions at all about our enrolment process, scholarships or fees please contact us directly via email here.

Our Enrolment process gives you and your child opportunities to explore Huntley and get to know us before you make the decision to invest in a Huntley Education.

Step 1: Register with us

When you register with us by completing the form below we will email you a copy of our Huntley prospectus, Information about Fees and our full Enrolment form. We’ll also add you to our mailing list to receive our weekly Huntley News and recommend that you download the Huntley App and follow us on Facebook to really get a taste of life at Huntley.

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Step 2: Come to Huntley

We welcome families for school tours and visits. Please contact Ingrid in our office here.

Step 3: Interview with Headmaster, Sam Edwards

It is important that Huntley is the right fit for you and your child. At this interview Sam will take a look at your child’s recent academic work and speak with them about their school life and their impressions of Huntley. 

Step 4: Acceptance Letter and Enrolment Fee Payment

Places will be offered via email. To accept your place at Huntley, you will be required to pay a $550.00 enrolment fee within two weeks of the offer being made.

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We have a number of scholarships available to all students who are pre-enrolled with Huntley for the 2025 academic year. 

2025 Academic, Boarding, Sport and Cultural Scholarships

  • Available to all students who are pre-enrolled with Huntley for the 2025 academic year.
  • Applications close 30 September 2024.
  • Examinations for the Academic and Cultural scholarships held in September and recipients for all scholarships are announced in October.
  • While you may apply for any scholarship – there will only be one scholarship awarded per student.

Headmaster’s Scholarships
  • The Huntley Headmaster’s Scholarships are awarded to students with all-round ability and enthusiasm for learning and achieving in all aspects of school life 
  • They may be awarded to students who require assistance in order to attend Huntley school as a day student or boarder
  • A financial disclosure form is required to support all Headmaster’s scholarship applications
  • Applications close 30 September 2024.

For information regarding 2025 Scholarship key dates, application process and eligibility please:

For further information or questions relating to 2024 Huntley Scholarships please email the Huntley office here.

Ministry of Education Scholarships
Parents may also be interested in the Ministry of Education Boarding Allowances for families. Please see further information here.

Betty Mayne Foundation

The Betty Mayne Foundation was established by her son David Mayne, who is an old boy of Huntley School. The Foundation is to commemorate the life of Betty Mayne who became a widow at the age of twenty nine. She was left without family other than her sons aged seven and eight. It was her sacrifice that enabled her sons to go to Huntley.

The Foundation is to assist parents who suffer hardship or to help them give their children schooling at Huntley when this would not otherwise be possible. Grants made by the Foundation are gifts not scholarships or bursaries which are won and awarded on merit.

Preference is given in cases:

  • When hardship is the result of sudden disaster, distress or anything untoward and unexpected; and
  • Where families have a connection or relationship with Huntley or have shown an interest in the school and its philosophy.

The value of the gift is $10,000 per annum for two years and is applicable to students entering the school as boarders in Year 7. The next award will be made for 2024.

The Foundation is administered by a Trust but expressions of interest should be made to the Headmaster in the first instance.

The tuition and boarding fees for each year are set by the Huntley Board of Trustees in November of the preceding year.
Our fees are all inclusive. These include morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, all stationery requirements, school trips, sports trips and camps.

Click here to view our current fees.

Bus & Shuttle services

We offer a number of daily and weekly shuttle and bus services to assist with transport to and from Marton.

Daily buses and shuttles:

Daily shuttle service from Whanganui

Pick up
7.30am  Splash Centre
7.40am  Putiki
7.50am  Okoia Road

5.20pm  Okoia Road
5.30pm  Putiki 
5.40pm  Splash Centre

Tranzit Bus service from Palmerston North, travelling via Feilding to Huntley.

Pick up:
7.30am   Palmerston North Railway Station
7.50am   Feilding Railway Station

5.15pm   Feilding Railway Station
5.35pm   Palmerston North Railway Station

Daily shuttle service from Bulls 

Pick up
8.00am   Coffee on the Moove

5.15pm   Coffee on the Moove


Pick up
7.45am   Kie Kie Road Road
8am         Taylors Hunterville


5.20pm   Taylors Hunterville
5.35pm   Kie Kie Road Road

Weekend shuttle services:

The following shuttle services are also provided for leave weekends.

Leave Huntley at 3.30pm on Friday
Return to Huntley at 7.00pm on Sunday

Leave Huntley at 3.30pm on Friday and arrive in Waverley at 4.30pm
Pick up at 7am Monday from Waverley

Leave Huntley at 3.30pm on Friday
Drop off in Woodville at 4.45pm, Dannevirke at 5.15pm and Waipukurau at 6.00pm
Pick up on Sunday: Waipukurau at 5pm, Dannevirke at 5:45pm and Woodville at 6:15pm, to arrive at Huntley around 7:30pm

Huntley has been educating and caring for international students for over 20 years. Through immersion in our mainstream classes and boarding environment, our international students make rapid gains with their spoken and written English.

From the moment your children are enrolled at Huntley we take care of everything they need for a safe and successful transition to their new school environment. 

Our service includes:

  • Transferring students between airports and Huntley School
  • Arranging uniform supplies
  • Monitoring health needs
  • Organising homestays with New Zealand families during weekend leave and holidays
  • Facilitating regular contact with home by email, skype and phone
  • Regular events and gatherings specifically for International students
  • Providing updates on activities at Huntley via email and Huntley School on Facebook

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