Staff & School

Teaching and Support

Gareth Wood

Deputy Headmaster/Year 6GW

As the Deputy Headmaster, Gareth is the staff member to call if you have any pastoral concerns. Gareth is in charge of Teaching and Learning and Day to Day Operations in the school. He also teaches mathematics to 6GW and coaches Triathlon, Cycling and the Colts Rugby team.

Barbara Pratt

Senior Teacher/Year 8BP

Barbara has been at the School for a number of years and is currently teaching a Year 8 class. As Senior Teacher, she is in charge of boarding and is the person to contact with any boarding concerns. She also coaches the 1st XI Hockey and Junior Softball. 

Alison Stewart

Director of Music/School Chaplain

Alison is the Music Director and School Chaplain. Alison is the person for parents to contact in relation to anything musical. She also teaches Languages, Social Studies and Religious Education to all levels. Alison oversees the Horse Riding and Dance Alternative programme. Alison is also a Duty Master.

Andrew Reynolds-Rowe

Andrew Reynolds-Rowe
Year 8AR, Director of Sport

Andrew teaches PE to all Year 8.  He is our Director of Sport. Andrew also teaches English and Mathematics to 8AR. He coaches the 1st XV Rugby team in the winter and Junior Cricket in the summer.  He is also a Duty Master. Andrew is the staff member to call with any sport related matters.

Trish Shand

Trish Shand
Year 8TS

Trish is the Head of English and also teaches the Year 8 top stream for English and Social Studies. All staff and students benefit from her expertise in this area. Trish has a long association with Huntley having had three sons and a husband through the school.

Nathanael Sextus

Nathanael Sextus
Year 8NS

Nathanael teaches English, Mathematics and Social Studies to 7NS. He is a duty master and coaches the 2nd XI Hockey in winter months and the C Ladder Tennis in the summer months. Nathanael is also in charge of the golf alternative programme. 

Anne Gardiner-Taylor

Year 7AG

Anne teaches Maths, English and Social Studies to the Year 7 top stream class. She also teaches Health across the school.

Shaun Lewis

Year 7SL

Shaun is a Year 7 teacher and a Duty Master. He is responsible for Softball in the summer and coaches Junior Hockey in the winter. Shaun is in charge of Cross Country and Clubs which run in the winter terms. He is our resident photographer and is also our Ipad expert, bringing new ideas to the classroom with technology.

Dave Leary

Year 3/4/5DL

Dave is teaching 3/4/5DL and is a Duty Master. He is in charge of the Orchard, coaches the  A Ladder Tennis in the summer and 2nd XV Rugby team in the winter. He looks after all stationery needs of the children.

Anton Buys


Anton teaches Science to all levels. He coaches the 1st XI Cricket and 1st XI Football. Anton is also a Duty Master.

David Calkin

David Calkin

David is the Woodwork teacher and has many years experience in the building trade. He has been at Huntley for over 25 years.

Rebecca Scully

Learning Support

Rebecca is in charge of Learning Support and is the person to speak to about any Learning Support needs. Rebecca also co-ordinates our very succesful Granny Reading Programme.

Laurine Stantiall

Laurine Stantiall
International Student Co-ordinator

Laurine is our International Student Co-ordinator and looks after the welfare of our International Students. She teaches English as a Second Language and organises their leave weekends and holidays. Contact Laurine if you are interested in hosting an International Student on a Weekend Leave.

Jill Richardson

Jill Richardson

Jill is the Librarian and also organises the Book Week we have annually. She makes sure our Library has the best books for our students. Jill organises teams of students to enter the Kid’s Lit Quiz each year.


Georgina Hintz

Office Secretary/Headmaster's PA

Georgina is the friendly voice that greets parents when they phone the school. Georgina is the School Secretary and the Headmaster's Personal Assistant. 

Maureen Wigglesworth


Maureen is the School Bursar and Board of Trustees Secretary.  She is the person you will need to contact with regards to Finance, Health & Safety and Bus Services.


Nadene Jongen

Boarding Supervisor

Nadene is the Boarding Supervisor responsible for the day to day running of the Dormitories. Nadene is your first point of contact for any boarding related matters including Leave.

Boarding Staff - Rochelle Smallbone, Cathy Signal, Joh Bellamore & Christine Penn, work within the Dormitories under the guidance of the Boarding Supervisor.

Paul Green

Paul Green
Catering Manager

Paul is our Catering Manager. If your child has any dietary requirements please contact Paul in the kitchen.