The fees for each year are set by the Huntley Board of Trustees in November of the preceding year. 

A 5% discount on tuition fees is given to parents with two or more children at the School at one time. 

If fees for the year are paid in full, prior to commencement of the school year, a discount of 2.5% is available on the tuition and boarding fee. 

Boarding and Tuition Fees for 2018 are outlined in the table below:                                

 Tuition Fees

Per term payment

Year 3-6 Students 


Year 7 & 8 Students



Boarding Fees**


Per term payment

Students Boarding for up to 2 years


Students Boarding for 3 years or more


**Boarding students pay Tuition and Boarding Fees.



Capital Works & Building Compliance Levy***


***This levy applies to all students.