Huntley has had a proud history of educating and caring for international students since 1990. Through immersion in our mainstream classes and boarding environment our international students make rapid gains with their spoken and written English. Previous International students who attended Huntley have been accepted at prestigious secondary schools in New Zealand, the United States and United Kingdom. 

How we care for International Students

From the moment your children are enrolled at Huntley we take care of everything they need for a safe and successful transition to their new school environment. Our International programme coordinator, Laurine Stantiall, is responsible for the pastoral and academic care of our international students from the minute they arrive in New Zealand. This service includes:

  • Transferring students between airports and Huntley School
  • Arranging uniform supplies
  • Monitoring health needs
  • Organising homestays with New Zealand families [1] during weekend leave and holidays
  • Facilitating regular contact with home by email, skype and phone
  • Regular events and gatherings specifically for international students [2]
  • Providing updates on activities at Huntley via email – Huntley School on facebook and Sam Edwards on Twitter.

To view more information about what Huntley offers International Students or for information about our fees, terms and conditions please email Laurine Stantiall 



[1] All NZ families who host international students are police vetted.

[2] Students are required to speak English at all times while at Huntley. The international outings give students an opportunity to speak their native language and eat food from home.