Boarding at Huntley boys and girls make friendships that last a lifetime. They also develop independence and social skills that set them up  ideally for the adventure of secondary school and beyond.

Dormitory arrangements

The Huntley boarding house has one girls’ dormitory and three large and one smaller dormitories for boys. The total number of boarders varies between 80 and 120 students. The larger dormitories may have up to 26 students in them. They are subdivided into 6 sections, usually with four students in each section. The smaller dormitory has 13 students.

Each dormitory has students of all ages in it and each student has his/her own bed and cupboard space. A matron is on duty and awake each night in the boarding house. The Headmaster’s family residence is connected to the boarding house and there are also several other teaching staff living on the Huntley school site with their families.

Caring for your child

The presence of on-site staff enables all students to connect closely with their teachers in a pastoral sense. Our mentoring and coaching techniques offer one to one guidance for your son or daughter with an adult they respect and relate to. Your son or daughter will also have a senior boy or girl as a godparent or guide who will help make the transition into Huntley as enjoyable as possible.