Huntley is affiliated to the Anglican Diocese of Wellington. However, all our Chapel services are inter-denominational and values based. At Huntley boys and girls experience what it is to live in a community that celebrates the Christian faith. Morning services in our St Barnabas Chapel give students time to reflect and prepare for the day ahead. They are often involved in the services and twice a year each class conducts a service. We recognise the importance of religion as a specific way of students being able to exercise their spirituality. Students also have the opportunity to be confirmed by the Bishop of Wellington.

At Huntley, we strongly believe that values education, religious education and discussing moral issues in the safe environment Huntley provides, is an important aspect in the development of individuals.

We have developed a specific set of Huntley Values which seek to help the students to develop and clarify their own principles, and to respect and be sensitive to the rights of individuals, families, or groups who hold differing view points to their own.

The Huntley values are:

  • Service
  • Honesty
  • Tolerance
  • Enthusiasm
  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • G.D.P (guts, determination and pride)
  • Responsibility.