Parents and Friends

Parents and Friends Of Huntley School Charitable Trust

The Association holds its Annual General Meeting early in the first term each year and the committee meets at least once a term.

All parents of students at the School are members of the Parents and Friends of Huntley. A small annual membership fee is included as an optional extra with each family's account for the first term's fees.

The first meeting of the Huntley School Parents' Association was held in 1934. The Association was reconstituted in the 1970s and a set of rules drawn up. In 2009 the Association was changed into a charitable trust. Parents' and Friends of Huntley School Charitable Trust. (PFH)

The PFH plays a very active part in the affairs of the school. The Objects of the PFH, stated in the Rules, outlines its activities.

PFH’s activities:

  • To promote and advance the continued development and welfare of Huntley School.
  • To promote and encourage projects for the improvement of the School.
  • To raise funds to carry out projects for the benefit of the School, Pupils, Parents, and Staff.
  • To represent the interests of both Parents and Pupils to the Board of Trustees, Staff or any authority on questions relating to the welfare of the School.
  • To provide by election three representatives to the Board of Trustees.
  • To foster social contact and co-operation of effort among all persons desirous of furthering the welfare of Huntley School

The committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting held in March.

Contacts for PFH

Chairperson: Tessa Williams

Secretary: Anna Hare

Treasurer: Nicola Ross